Friday, January 15, 2010

OLCC Compliance Checks in Tigard

Last week the Tigard Police Department assisted the Oregon Liquor Control Commission who was visiting Tigard area businesses which sell alcohol. A pair of OLCC inspectors along with two Tigard Police Officers accompanying an eighteen year-old male acting as a decoy, visited 33 establishments. Oregon Administrative Rules strictly set guidelines for the OLCC regarding such random and unannounced checks at businesses selling alcohol. Random checks are conducted periodically to ascertain compliance regarding the sale of alcohol to minors. Compliance checks may also be initiated based on complaints lodged with the OLCC or local law enforcement.

The recent checks in Tigard indicated 97 per cent compliance. Only one business, a bar, provided alcohol to the minor acting as a decoy. In this case, the minor provided the requested identification, however the server followed through with the sale even though the valid identification presented clearly indicated the holder was 18 years old and underage.

This nearly perfect compliance check significantly surpassed the dismal 30 per cent compliance results obtained earlier this year when a similar sweep was conducted. Increased education, enforcement and awareness may be attributed to the dramatically improved score.

The Tigard Police Department plans to continue its efforts to reduce the sale of alcohol to minors in Tigard. One way police are working to combat the problem of underage drinking is to partner with the school district and become involved with programs promoting healthy and substance-free lifestyles amongst youth. In addition, police plan on continued enforcement and additional compliance checks to reaffirm the importance to such businesses that the sale of alcohol to minors will not be tolerated.

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