Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Name This Neighborhood!

"Area 5".

Blah - It says nothing about the great neighborhood you call home. But according to an article in the Atlantic Cities Magazine, "Why does it matter so much that residents feel a sense of neighborhood identity? A growing body of research that’s been gaining momentum over the last decade suggests that strong feelings of connectedness to place on a smaller scale has a strong relationship to how secure individuals feel about their place in the world."

So what would you call your corner of the city?  If you told someone (for instance) "I live near Fanno's Wharf" - you get the idea that its alongside Fanno Creek and its related to businesses/manufacturing/shipping.

Area 5 (that's you) is framed by Interstate 5 on the eastern border, 99W/Pacific Hwy. on the northern border, Hall Blvd. on the east and 72nd Ave to the southwest.  Hwy. 217 bisects the area into a triangle in the north and a parallelogram (look it up!) to the south.

What are your suggestions?  How about these to start the conversation rolling.....

Triangle View
Dog Park District (Potso is firmly within your neighborhood)
NoSept (North of Area 7)
SouthPac (South of Pacific Hwy.)

Send in your thoughts!


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