Monday, March 23, 2015

Beat Litter: Pitch in with Pride!

This was written and submitted by Tigard Resident Elizabeth O. from the Derry Dell neighborhood…

A litter-free city shows civic pride, improves quality of life, and reduces blight and crime. Unfortunately, litter is on the increase in Tigard and throughout Oregon, a state that traditionally prides itself on being “Green and Pristine.”

We try to help by picking up litter wherever we walk or hike. Recycled plastic grocery bags, gloves, sturdy shoes, and a litter “nabber” tool make the job safer, easier, and more fun (available at many hardware stores). Occasional honks, waves, and words of appreciation from others who see our efforts are highly motivating, as is knowing that we’ve created a clean path for others to enjoy.

Everyone can do a few easy things every day to keep the lid on litter:
  • Properly dispose of your own litter.
  • Check for litter around your residence, business, and the street nearby. Place the litter in your trash.
  • Carry plastic bags wherever you walk or hike. Pick up litter, place it in the bags, and discard the bags in your own trash or a public receptacle.
  • For Tigard: Contact Public Works or Joanne Bengtson if you see items on public right-of-ways that are too large to carry or dispose of safely or areas with chronic litter problems. Please provide the location (address or cross-streets) of the problem.
  •  Organize a neighborhood clean-up. Contact Joanne Bengtson for help with trash picker-upper wands, big trash bags, safety signs, and vests for your event.
We hope individuals, families, schools, businesses, and neighborhood groups will pitch in with pride to keep Tigard and all of Oregon a safe, clean “Place to Call Home.” To borrow a quote from Joanne Bengtson: “One-by-one until it’s done!”

Tigard Public Works: 503-718-2591 | Joanne Bengtson: 503-718-2476 or


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