Thursday, March 5, 2015

Police Chief Orr joins Mayor Cook at Fireside Chat

If you are in the neighborhood, please consider stopping-in to Symposium Coffee when the next Fireside Chat with Tigard Mayor John Cook also includes Tigard Police Chief Alan Orr.

The fireside chats have been a regular occurrence for the Mayor. The monthly events provide an informal opportunity for citizens to share opinions, ideas and information along with good coffee. On Thursday March 5, visitors will have an added bonus as Chief Orr will be joining  Mayor Cook. Have you been contemplating a question for the Chief of Police yet haven’t had the opportunity to share?  Here’s your chance. Please mark your calendar.

Symposium Coffee is located in downtown Tigard at 12345 SW Main St. The chat begins at 6:30 pm and continues until 8:30 pm.

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