Thursday, March 31, 2016

Construction Update for Tigard, Week Starting March 30

Dartmouth Street and 78th Avenue Approaching Highway 99W
A contractor for Costco will be widening Dartmouth Street to add a new right turn lane as Dartmouth approaches Highway 99W and widening 78th Avenue to add a new right turn lane as 78th approaches Highway 99W.  Some traffic delays are possible.

Walnut Street (Tiedeman to 116th and intersection with 135th)
Walnut Street is under construction between 116th and Tiedeman to add sidewalks, bike lanes, a center turn lane, and underground utilities, and install a traffic signal in place of the all-way-stop at the intersection of Walnut St with 135th Ave.  Construction work is scheduled through May 2017, with a three-week closure in July/August 2016 to replace the culvert west of the Fowler tennis courts. 

95th Ave (north of Greenburg Rd) and North Dakota St (East of Greenburg Rd) Sidewalks
Construction is in progress on new sidewalks along 95th Ave north of Greenburg Rd and North Dakota St east of Greenburg Rd.  This will build ‘missing link’ sidewalks along two key neighborhood entrances, and will included an enhanced crossing of Greenburg Rd.  Construction is planned through May.

Bonita Road (Fanno Creek to I - 5)
The Water pipeline connection is complete under Bonita Road near Fanno Creek.  Traffic should be back to normal for a while until curb, sidewalk, and striping are replaced.

Main Street / Scoffins Street Intersection All-Way-Stop

The intersection of Main Street with Scoffins Street has been converted to all-way-stop traffic control.  This should improve safety, walkability, and traffic flow.  In this initial test phase the signal is operating in red-flash mode so the intersection functions as an all-way-stop.  If after a few months the intersection is indeed functioning better as an all-way-stop, the signal will be removed.  Comments and concerns can be directed to Mike McCarthy at 503-718-2462 or

Ross Street / 81st Avenue Developments
Three private developments are under construction in the Ross/81st area: a) a large senior living center on the northeast corner of Ross and Hall which has opened new street connections of 83rd Ave with Matthew Park and Ross Street; b) a subdivision on the southwest corner of Ross and 81st; and c) a subdivision on the east side of 81st, each making half-street improvements along their street frontages.

Barrows Rd (154th to Roshak)
Clean Water Services, in conjunction with the cities of Tigard and Beaverton, is constructing a new 24” sewer line under Barrows Road (between 154th Ave and Roshak Rd).  Work includes construction of a new pipe in the roadway, with flaggers directing traffic and possible delays.  Construction is scheduled through April 2016.
River Terrace
River Terrace developments are under construction.  Earthwork and grading is in progress on a 137-lot subdivision and a 215-lot subdivision (both west of Roy Rogers Road just south of Scholls Ferry Road), and an 82-lot subdivision (west of 150th Avenue south of Bull Mountain Road).  Crews are building a sewer line under and making half-street improvements along 150th Ave. If you have any questions, please contact Mike White at 503-718-2464.
85th Ave (South of Durham Rd)
A contractor for Clean Water Services (CWS) has paved 85th Ave (the extension of Hall Blvd) south of Durham Rd and is building a new cul-de-sac just south of the business park.  CWS is shortening the public portion of 85th Ave to reduce traffic through its wastewater treatment plant area.  Walking and cycling access to the Cook Park trails will be maintained.

Durham Road and Upper Boones Ferry Road Signal Coordination
The city, county, and state are collecting traffic data for design of an updated signal coordination system for all of the traffic signals along Durham Road and Upper Boones Ferry Road from the Durham Rd / Hwy 99W intersection through the Upper Boones Ferry Rd / Interstate 5 / Carman Dr interchange.  Contact Mike McCarthy at or 503-718-2462 with any questions, ideas, or concerns.

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