Thursday, July 7, 2016

Transportation and Construction Project Updates in Tigard

Summer PavingSummer paving work is in progress, with the major paving work beginning this week.  Signs have been posted and cards sent to notify the public of upcoming construction.  This summer’s tentative paving schedule (weather permitting) is:

Begin/End Location
Paving Dates
Paving Time
72nd Avenue
Hwy 99W to 260 feet south of Hwy 99W
July 18 – 22
72nd Avenue
Beveland Rd to Hwy 217 northbound ramps
July 19 – 22
72nd Avenue
Upper Boones Ferry Rd to Bridgeport Village
July 25–Aug 4
78th Avenue
Pfaffle St to Hwy 99W
July 17 – 21
121st Avenue
Ann St to Tippitt St
July 8 – 15
Dartmouth Street
Hwy 99W to Atlanta St (Costco)
July 17 – 21
Hunziker Street
72nd Ave to 7585 Hunziker
July 20 – 22
Landmark Lane
72nd Ave to end of street
July 24 – 28
Locust Street
Hall Blvd to Greenburg Rd
July 7 – 14
Oak Street
69th Ave to 71st Ave
July 6 – 8
Sandburg Street
End of street to 72nd Ave
July 21 – 27
Ventura Court
Alfred St to Barbara Ln
July 5 – 8
Walnut Street
116th Ave to 122nd Ave
July 8 - 15

Busier streets and nonresidential streets will be paved at night to avoid traffic and business disruption (note: work is not planned on Friday and Saturday nights).  Striping and replacement of traffic signal loops, speed bumps, etc. will be done a couple of weeks after paving.  Call the project information line at 503-718-2760 or Mike McCarthy at 503-718-2462 with questions, comments, or concerns.
Note, regarding work at Walnut Street (Tiedeman to 116th and intersection with 135th)
Walnut Street is under construction between 116th and Tiedeman to add sidewalks, bike lanes, a center turn lane, replacement water line, and underground utilities, and install a traffic signal in place of the all-way-stop at the intersection of Walnut St with 135th Ave.  Construction work is scheduled through Summer 2017, with a three-week closure from July 25 through August 15, 2016 to replace the culvert west of the Fowler tennis courts.  More information can be found on the city's construction update page.


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