Thursday, June 2, 2016

Residents Weigh in on Tigard’s Neighborhoods

In late April and early May, the City of Tigard repeated its 2013 Neighborhood Network survey, to see how our residents’ views have changed over time. All told, 88 residents participated in the online questionnaire asking how residents felt about where they lived, their neighbors and issues that mattered close to home. We shared the survey through the 14 neighborhood network blogs and the city’s social media.

Overall, residents spoke favorably of where they lived. Their concerns focused on traffic, the need for additional sidewalks, street lights and more. Residents’ ability to walk safely in their neighborhoods and traffic safety concerns stood out. Survey goers also talked about ways they could build better connections with their neighbors. Participants listed parks and trails, the library and a sense of community as valuable local amenities.

Please see the survey questionnaire results and summary of comments for more information.


1) Overall, would you say that you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your neighborhood as a place to live?

2) In general, would you say that the neighborhood is improving, stable or declining?